Tips to Win Keno Like a Boss!

Are you among those who do not understand the calculations and maths behind popular casinos games like poker and blackjack? Gambling is not just about the game of probability, but also about luck. Also, there are several offerings in gambling, be it online or in brick and online pokies real money, which can keep you winning money. Keno is a simple game to start off with, if you are new to the world of betting and raising stakes. Among one of the easiest gambling games (because it has more to do with luck), while playing Keno you only need to get a ticket and the rest is more or less out of your hands. However, g you must know that gambling is not sheer luck. No matter which game you play, you do need to have a strategy in place. So the next time you buy a keno ticket, here is what you should do:

Be clear

KenoYou need to be clear about the number of spots you want to pick or start off with. The formula is simple, if you have plenty of numbers, your chances of winning will also be higher. You cannot expect to hit the jackpot with just one or two numbers. However, if you pick many numbers, you will also have to make a greater match. For example, you will need to break even with 5 matches in case you pick 15 numbers, but the matches will come down to 2 if you choose 5 numbers. Quick tip: select any number between 3 and 8.

Go small

Don’t give it your all the very beginning. Be calculative, test your luck, analyse all the probabilities and then go big, after a couple of rounds.

Stick to it

Many experienced players advice to stick to the same set of numbers between rounds, as if not in the present round, the numbers may be called out in the next round. Please visit australia online casino and make extra money online.

Most importantly, it is all about having fun, so don’t sweat it out even if you don’t win big!