Technology Backing the Books


Sports wagering has long been a part of the excitement that is available to gaming enthusiasts all over the globe. Horse racing, European football, and American football have all been staples in the world of sports wagering. The recent profits made possible by the Super Bowl is one example of just how much money can be up for grabs when the game is big enough. CG Technologies has been a big name in this area, and the figures from the most recent Super Bowl to go down in history proves this fact. The Sports Book that is backed by this company was actually responsible for generating approximately 16 percent of all the sports wagering revenue over the past year, 11.8 percent of which came from the Super Bowl alone.

Big Events Mean Big Wagers

CG Technology took in an extraordinary amount of money in wagering. In all, over $19 million went through their hands as this sporting event unfolded. This figure represents an increase of 30 percent over the past past year. The organization was not taken by surprise by the increase in activity. They projected a rise in sports wagering and have taken the opportunity contribute a significant portion of their profits back into the state of Nevada. The Nevada State Gaming Control Board Gaming Commission announced that wagering on the game was strong all throughout the area. According to their statements, over $119 million dollars were up for grabs across all Sports Books. With over 183 organizations in operation, players had plenty of opportunities to get in on the sporting action.

Gaming Experts in Every Respect

Sports Books is only a small part of the success that has been experienced by CG Technology. In addition to this type of venture, the organization runs the Palm Casinos Resort and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. On top of these two widely successful establishments, there are six other minor locations that provide people with chances for unique gaming opportunities. They have even stretched their arms into the area of mobile gaming for select Celebrity Cruise Ships in the Bahamas. Finally, they extend their services to risk management assessment for developing gaming companies.