Poker Talk Show reviews one of our favourite online casino games: Poker Pursuit!

Poker Pursuit is such a cool game. It is like a game of solitaire poker, you play against yourself. To win in this game, the strength of your hand in its entirety must be valued. You need at the very least a pair of tens or better in order to win even money. The better your hand, the better your reward will be. When you increase your bet, you increase your chances of being a winner in the end. Your two main options in this game are Raise and Call. You just need to know when to Raise and when to Call. It is most essential that you know when to do these things. Poker Pursuit is played in three stages. With each stage, you have an opportunity to raise your bet or keep it as it is.

In stage one, you start by choosing your bet. Then you are dealt three cards. In stage 2, you can at this point raise your bet or call. Then you receive your fourth card. Stage 3 finally arrives.. Then you receive your fifth card. The hand that you want to discover is the Royal Flush. This is the highest paying hand in the game of Poker Pursuit. The Straight Flush is next, and then comes 4 of a kind. The more ordinary hands, like Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and Tens or Better all pay out some great rewards. Play Poker Pursuit today and be the champion that you are!