Microgaming Arrivals: Have You Marked Your Calendar Yet?

October is all about anticipation – anticipation of the winter, of holidays and of putting your year-long worries down to have some fun. Well, to let you have more fun, Microgaming will be launching a few exciting games this October. Here’s a roundup of Microgaming’s October arrivals:


Games_slotsThe classic game that all of us enjoyed as children is back to thrill us. In a great, fun twist to this global favourite, Microgaming will be launching a slot version where weird, strange and unabashedly entertaining creatures will raise the entertainment quotient several notches higher!

All of the casinos that partner with Microgaming are expected to make Peek-a-boo Online Slot available for players.

Titans of the Sun

This is one of the most anticipated games of 2015. To be released in a two-part series comprising of two different levels of gameplay – Hyperion and Theia – Titans of the Sun Slot Game  will allow players to engage up to 15 different pay lines at once. What’s interesting is that the game will be available in over 20 languages, making sure that fans from most parts of the world can participate and enjoy the Greek slot adventure.

A popular topic of discussion among various online gaming and gambling communities has been the nature of wild symbols and other surprises to be used in ‘Titans of the Sun’. Well, we don’t have to wait too much as the game is already being rolled out gradually by online casinos.

Scary Friends

This is one of those casual Halloween games that make seasonal appearances – Scary Friends Slot. It’s supposed to be a simple slot game where scary creatures (monsters, goblins, vampires and their ilk) are expected to be wild symbols of various kinds.