When to Break Made Hands in DeCCuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is the most popular of the video poker games that are found today. In fact, Deuces Wild is found in almost every casino around the world. Because it is such a popular game, it is important for video poker players to know the correct strategies for playing the game. Using the right strategies will help to increase the odds of being a winner at the game over time.

deuces wildOne of the most difficult decisions in Deuces Wild is determining whether or not to throw away a made hand to try and draw for a better one. Anytime that a player is dealt a deuce in their initial hand, they will have a good chance to already have a made hand. Many players are very conservative, and they will never discard a made hand to try and draw for a better one. This is a major mistake that will make this type of player a loser in the long run.

The key reason to throw away a made hand is that doing so can lead to getting one of the huge jackpot hands. Smart video poker players know that the jackpot hands are the ones that will make players winners in the long run. It is usually a good idea to try and go after a jackpot hand if it is possible.

If the hand is straight or a flush, it presents a major dilemma to the player. Both of these hands pay well, but they should still be discarded in certain situations. The big jackpot hands are the straight flushes and royal flushes. It is almost always a wise investment to try and go after these big jackpot hands.

However, it is important not to push this strategy too far. A player should only discard a straight or flush if they have four cards to the straight flush. If they only have three cards to the straight flush, then it is always the mathematically correct decision to stand pat and take the winner.

It can be very difficult for players to have the courage to throw away a winning hand. Whenever players have four cards to the straight flush and need to throw away a made hand to draw for it, they should take a look at the straight flush jackpot amounts displayed on the machine. This will help give them the incentive they need to take the plunge to draw for the big hand.