An infographic review

By Harry von Schlussel gives us an amazing new infographic about the art of bluffing. “Bluffing is a form of deception that is common and essential in Poker,” says the graphic, “as well as many everyday situations.” Do you think that’s true? Do you think it’s okay to bluff your way through to a job, a marriage, an opportunity that would otherwise be closed to you? Is bluffing a moral gray area or an essential skill for survival used by the savvy and distrusted by the ignorant unwashed masses? Why do all my blogs involve the ignorant unwashed masses? Long story short, this infographic is about bluffing. They say that of the almost one million different signals in the world (it’s unclear whethere these are body language signals or radio ones – oh wait, there’s a heading. Why don’t I ever read headings?) that only six are universally understood and these are fear, anger, surprise, happiness, disgust and sadness. While the tells we know are often true – a liar will fiddle with his chips or napkin from anxiety – many are misconceptions such as the avoiding eye contact rule. Actually, a liar will hold prolonged eye contact in order to prove they’re not lying. Weird huh? Check out the graphic below.