A six-minute play: The Poker Talk Show Experience!

[Author’s note: this may not seem terribly Poker related at first, but believe me, that twist ending will have you wanting to sign up with a trusted online Video Poker provider today!]

Steve: Gah! I’ve stubbed my toe on the desk!

Bob: I’m huuuuuuuuungryyyyyyyy.

Steve: Where did you come from?

Bob: I’m your altar ego, silly!

Steve: then how come you’re not aching from the toe we just stubbed?

Bob: Oh, that was your toe not mine.

Steve: Then how are you hungry but I’m not?

Bob: I’m hungry for sushi.

Steve: But I hate sushi!

Bob: But your altar ego is a sushi addict and got you a job in a 24 hour sushi place because he’s so obsessed with sushi he kept selling your blood for sushi money. This way we get to eat sushi at a discount and make a little extra money!

Steve: Is that why I haven’t slept in two months and keep waking up with salmon on my breath?

Bob: No, that’s because your other altar ego Williamo is a polar bear.

Williamo: Haaai!

Steve: What?

Bob: Oh there his is! Williamo, tell Steve about how we tried to run away to join the circus.

Williamo: It didn’t work out. We’re really bad at running.

Bob: We also couldn’t decide whether to run on two legs or all fours. It’s all in the meeting minutes if you want to look it up.

Steve: Wait – if I’ve got two altar egos, does that mean I can finally play poker against myself?

Bob: Yeah!

Williamo: Totally!