Playing Poker – a video review

By Jessica Cheng

So we’ve got this creepy british lady voicing this video which already counts against it. The animation is pretty cheap too and looks like it’s one of those do-it-yourself animation programmes that charge you five dollars a month meaning this looks a bit bad.

However the instructions are pretty clear and we’ve already gotten into the second round. She describes the community cards in the flop round, and why every player has two private cards  combined with the community cards. Checking, betting, folding and raising are all explained. We’re not sure how much a brand new poker player would gain from this video as it really does go quite quickly and you’re distracted by the British robot.

The rules here are basic Texas Hold’em and we’ve already seen the turn round show up. That means that there are four cards in the table now. Have you ever noticed how hilariously innaccurate the transcriptions are? The River round is already getting boring and since a robot is narrating and chess pawns are the people you’re playing against, you can be pretty sure this is  a dream. Maybe I shouldn’t blog at quarter to six on a Friday.

The showdown brought some emotion into her voice. It was even scarier than the robotic monotone.