Poker is a special game and it’s unlike any other casino game in the world, visit for more!

It’s special because it’s so darn unpredictable. That spectacularly ordinary old Joe at the corner? Careful – he’s probably got an ace up his sleeve. No, literally. He could swindle you out of the pot faster than you can say “Hey, where’d that full house come from?”Poker Podcasts

Poker is a game of both wits and odds. You’re not just covering your cards – a good player covers over his true feelings about every aspect of the game. The game demands a certain cold rationality to beguile the table and claim the pot.

Poker Talk Show curates all the best Poker resources on the internet. We’ll direct you to the best methods and strategies of play so you can up your game, feel your heart pump, and enjoy the satisfying whack of cash in your coffers when you win.

New To The Game?

Fear not – the video below is a great primer to the game of poker.

Above: How To Play Poker By Casino Jones

Feeling a little overwhelmed? The best way to learn the game of poker is to practice playing video poker before hitting the poker rooms. Check out the following casinos for free video poker:

Alternatively check out this video of Casino Jones’ pick of the best online casinos 2013:

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